Erica (Cloned)
Hannah's personal copy of the world-famous supermodel
Appears ... 36 years old
Birthday 10/5/1979
Power Level 99%
Home City Hannah's Mind
Current City Hannah's Mind
Can ... do anything she wants. She is omnipotent.
Likes to ... obey Hannah's wishes; teach Hannah about sex; offer Hannah ideas and options of what to do with her powers; have sex with Hannah; create lovers for Hannah; watch Hannah have sex.
Fun Facts Hannah's Imagionary friend; fairy godmother; magical teacher; planning and party coordinator; nudist
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Erica's Story
It's no wonder that world famous Erica Milani has captured the attention of everyone in the world thanks to her glamorous features, charm, and exceptionally large breasts for such a slender, fit frame. Even the almighty Hannah Deangelo is infatuated with Erica, so much so that after Hannah discovered she could recreate copies of real people out of thin air, 'Erica' became a top choice on her list. While Hannah finds it possible to simply create new lovers when she desires them, she seems to keep coming back to Erica Milani, recreating her time and time again until this clone of Erica becomes a bit of her own person. This version of Erica looks exactly the same as the real Erica Milani in every way, except this verion of Erica Milani is designed to be the greatest lesbian lover, and a teacher of sex to the younger Hannah. Happy to please her creator with powers of her own, Erica helps Hannah come out of her shell despite the fact that she is merely a conjuring from Hannah's own mind. Erica sees the world as Hannah's, and sees no reason why both she and Hannah cannot exist for all eternity. Erica believes that Hannah has the power to create real people who are exactly the same as those born naturally, and thus believes herself to be just as real as the real Erica Milani. Yet this Erica has powers, loves having powers, and will use them to help Hannah achieve happiness no matter what. Is this Erica a god, or just an imagionary friend that Hannah can have sex with?
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