Erica Milani
A world-famous supermodel trapped in her own fame and beauty
Appears ... 36 years old
Birthday 10/5/1979
Power Level 0%
Home City Cleveland, Ohio
Current City Los Angeles, California
Can ... get her picture taken dozens of times a day.
Likes to ... smile; make people happy; pose for the camera; have sex with Petra; avoid her husband.
Fun Facts Supermodel; famous for her gigantic, natural breasts and fit body; often viewed as some kind of sexual goddess despite having no powers; married, yet longs for freedom; never a moment out of the spotlight; favorite of Vanessa's
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Erica's Story
Blessed with classic, 1950s pin-up model looks, and cursed with genetic anomalies that made her strong, thin, beautiful, and obnoxiously busty no matter what she did, Erica ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World’ had no choice but to become a model, earning her millions before she was 21 years-old. Now in her thirties, married, and the most successful supermodel of all time, the overly-busty billionaire Erica cannot escape the cameras as photos of her walking her dog sell in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trapped by her own beauty, and finding it impossible to resist temptation as beautiful men and women long to love her, Erica finds herself as nothing more than a trophy to be won, soon finding herself even a target of the very real gods who have been watching her. She finds herself controlled by her managers, her agents, and even her overbearing husband who believes he has won Erica and treats her as property. Despite her insane wealth, Erica has no true freedom to enjoy herself, constantly rushed from one event to another with no time to stop and smell the roses. Longing to relax and live a life less prominent, Erica finds herself wishing she was less beautiful, less voluptuous and less famous. However, when she is envied by the gods themselves for her beauty, it might be hard for Erica to get everything she actually wants.
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