Daisy McMillan
A girl who was saved from an abusive relationship by the gods.
Appears ... 28 years old
Birthday 6/25/1987
Power Level 98%
Home City Glengarriff, Ireland
Current City Forests of Ireland
Can ... do anything she wants. She is omnipotent. However, she loses her powers once she leaves the forest. Likewise, her powers cannot affect anything outside the forest.
Likes to ... be a fairy; be alone; live in the trees; be tiny; transform into animals; bathe in ponds; exist as trees; exist as various things in nature.
Fun Facts Former human turned fairy; Declined the offer to become the God of Freedom; suffers from PTSD; suffers from agoraphobia; enjoys being alone in her forest and playing with her 'fairy powers'; enjoys Celeste's visits very much
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Daisy's Story
Daisy McMillan thought she had met the love of her life several years ago only to later discover she married a monster. Beaten, abused, and locked away from society, Daisy became more of a prisoner than a wife to her husband, at least until the gods found out. Freed from her captivity by the young Celeste Casanova and the elder Rebecca Larson, Daisy found a new home in the forests if Ireland, her trauma only able to subside as long as she knew she was alone. Realizing they could not just leave Daisy alone in the forest to die, Rebecca gave Daisy magical powers of her own, limitless powers to do as she pleased as long as she did not leave the forest or let anyone see her. Now able to create any food, shelter, or happiness she might desire, Daisy has fully embraced a new life as a magical fairy, her powers granting her brand new abilities which she enjoys on a daily basis.

Yet being that she still suffers from PTSD and has a very hard time talking to normal people, Daisy has declined Hannah's offer to be the next demigod, the young girl worried that she cannot do her duties until she is finally freed from her memories. Yet being the kind god Hannah is, she has agreed to let Daisy keep all of her powers just as Rebecca intended. As long as Daisy remains in the forest, she will retain her divine status. If she leaves, she will be unable to fly away from harm, teleport to safety, or transform into a butterfly should she feel another episode rising within.
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