Anna Devine
A 1970s diva whose wealth and beauty was/is immeasureable.
Appears ... 25 years old
Birthday Unknown
Power Level 0%
Home City Unknown
Current City Los Angeles, Califorina
Can ... get naked; boss people around; lounge about; show up to parties naked.
Likes to ... expose herself; wear gold and diamonds; show off her body; be naked; have sex with anyone regardless of gender; have sex in public; encourage others to have sex with her or each other.
Fun Facts Has an unknown amount of wealth; has an unknown age; seems to have a harrem of women just as beautiful as her who wait on her hand on foot; longs to pose naked for Plaything Magazine
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Anna's Story
What is there to say about Anna Devine? It's hard to say anything really for her life is shrouded in mystery. Where did she get all this money? Where did she get this body? Where did she go? For a blip in time in the mid 1970s, Anna Devine opened the doors of her gigantic castle north of Los Angeles and let people into her world. No one knew what to think of this young woman for she was more beautiful, more voluptuous, and more sophisticated than anyone in the world. Not only that, but this infinitely wealthy woman seemed to refuse to wear clothes, the blonde bombshell living in robes, heels, diamonds, gold, and not much else. And yet she seemed quite comfortable in her body, the gorgeous girl talking to Hollywood's most powerful and the business world's most successful despite the fact she was standing among them completely nude. Of course once she learned of Plaything Magazine, the wealthy exhibitionist knew she had to pose nude for them.

Anna's story is fleshed out in Episode 30, and it is highly encouraged that you read that to get all the juicy details of how Anna's life unfolded after those outside her castle learned of her existence. Who much money does Anna have? Where is she from? Where are her parents?
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