Alexis's God

Alexis Phillips
A religious girl who was sculpted into the greatest lover.
Appears to be ... 21
Can ... worship Hannah as God; have sex with her teachers; have sex with her fellow students in public.
Likes to ... worship Hannah; wear tiny outfits; have sex in very public places; have sex in class; have lesbian orgies; get extra credit by letting her teachers use her body as an prime example of beauty, and then fuck her in front of the entire class while they take notes.
Fun Facts Religious slut; star pupil at the Church of Hannah University in Texas; attends a sex-school which worships Hannah as God; longs to be Hannah's wife one day; often has sex with her teachers for extra credit; favorite of Nika's
Birthday 5/15/1994
Power Level 0%
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
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Born into beauty and riches, Alexis’s future as a famous supermodel was all but certain until her parents heard of a new church forming around a young girl who was in fact God. The Church of Hannah taught Hannah’s scripture (which Hannah herself had no say in) and convinced their followers that one day Hannah would be looking for a husband or a wife, and so the Church of Hannah boarding schools were born. Convinced by the church that she could marry God, Alexis had aspirations to be the top of her classes, classes that taught her how to be the most beautiful, most obedient, and most sexually skilled she could be. The world’s greatest trainers, nutritionists, and plastic surgeons offered all the students whatever they needed to be as beautiful and flawless as possible. Alexis prayed to Hannah every night before having sex with her roommates, girlfriends, teachers, and school officials, praying for the day that Hannah would rapture up to the Castle of The Clouds and marry her. While the church obviously taught lies, Hannah found herself watching Alexis from afar and thought about taking her away from her school and free her from her fictional beliefs. So perhaps the school is telling the truth: perhaps Hannah will rapture Alexis away. Sadly, Hannah does not seem to have any plans to make Alexis her wife.

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