Danielle Thomas
A former Christian turned Deangelist who did not get to marry Hannah.
Appears ... 24 years old
Birthday 6/29/1991
Power Level 0%
Nationality American (German)
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
Can ... pray to Hannah; strip; dance; have sex with beautiful men and women.
Likes to ... dress up like an angel; suck dick; eat pussy; make out with other girls; masturbate; pray to Hannah; have sex with Ms. Wallace.
Fun Facts One of the first students at the Church of Hannah; Extremely popular and sexually talented; Graduated in 2015 and was not 'raptured' by Hannah like she always dreamed she would be; Dreams of being an angel
Dani's Story
Just because the angelic blonde Danielle Thomas was born with exceptional genes and breath-taking beauty did not mean she would fall into the sinful pleasures of the flesh offered to her by any man who saw her. No, Dani gave herself to God, or at least until Christianty became less popular after the arrival of Hannah Deangelo. Always a fan of angels and longing to serve God no matter what, Dani became a Deangelist for she believed Hannah was merely God taking a human form, her parents also following suit and switching religions quickly. So when it was revealed billioniare Marcus Millbrook was starting a Church of Hannah with the hopes of helping Hannah Deangelo find a future husband or wife, nothing else mattered to Dani anymore than becoming that wife.

Already beautiful beyond reason, Dani gave herself to the church, as well as Marcus Millbrook, and dove head-first into those sinful pleasures she had long resisted. Offering Mr. Millbrook her virginity in exchange for admission into into the newly formed school, Dani was always at the top of her class and ready to do whatever sexual acts were required to get God's love. She didn't think twice about letting her male teachers fuck her or going down on her fellow female students, and she was praised for her skill, her body, and her willingness to please.

Yet after attending the school for four years and allowing it to turn her into a sex-crazed nymphomaniac who prefers sex with girls over boys, Dani was not selected to be Hannah's wife. Now what?

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