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Born with infinite 'magical powers' to do with as she please, there are many in the world who think that this girl is God. But does she think so? Not really. She just wants to have fun like any normal teenager, and use her powers to help her achieve that fun.

Tired of being abused by her parents and church, Kelly too was blessed with godlike 'magic' now wants to use her powers to take Hannah's spotlight from her and rule the universe. Is Kelly God instead? You might want to say yes, or she might 'erase' you with her mind. Kelly is not to be questioned.

Meet the ultimate MILF. Rebecca (Hannah's God of Beauty) loves sex, loves to parade around in tiny outfits, and does her best to hide her wild, magical life from her own children! Her husband knows about her magical powers, but he has no idea she is cheating on him with just about everyone in town.

Vengence lives in the form of a real person, and that person is Nika: Hannah's God of Judgment. Having lived an abusive life already, Nika was reborn and given the power to destory evil with evil. A living demon, witch, or whatever you fear, Nika never thinks twice about murdering those who murder.

A former slave taken from the 1840s and brought to the present day by Hannah and turned into the God of Order, Kwame keeps the other gods in line and brings calm to chaos. He is kind, caring, compasionate, honest, and loved by all the gods for obvious reasons.

Celeste is that wild, hot, fun-loving teenager you just couldn't take your eyes off of, only she is also the God of Love. Homeless and happy, Celeste zips around the world as a 'cupid' or angel and helps people fall in love, that is, when she's not trying to be a part of their love-making.

If you've ever wanted to get beat up by a bimbo, Tiffany's your girl. This chubby college girl became the God of Fate and transformed herself into the world's hottest supermodel. This god is tasked with correcting karma ... at least when she's not posing nude for some magazine.

Sometimes called 'The Mother of the Gods' because of her maturity and professionalism, the God of Power is the wealthiest person in the world and uses her divine power to crush horrible companies while helping respectable ones. Vanessa is also very much a hedonist and loves sex with beautiful women.

Known around the world as the Eigth and Ninth Wonders of the World, Erica Milani can make millions just by walking around in public. Born with mysterious genetics which have blessed her with infinite beauty and an impossible body, Erica is famous for nothing more than being too beautiful to ignore. Yes, they're real.

Born into beauty, Alexis is now a devoted follower of God, or in this case, Hannah Deangelo. Alexis attends the Church of Hannah University where she trains to be the greatest lover in the world. Alexis hopes that one day Hannah will 'rapture' her and marry her ... or so that's what her church hopes.

Far from Hannah's story is a girl named Mary who longs to recreate superpowers from comic books in the real world. Chasing the dream through science, she has become a genius at just twenty years of age. Now that the government has hired her, can she abuse her status, go rogue, and prove her theory?

Far from Hannah's story is a woman named Julia enjoys her flawless life as a former businesswoman turned scientist who now oversees Mary Miller's work. No longer interested in science, Dr. Reynolds loves sex as she abuses her beauty and her government standing to sleep with her hot interns.

Luke has never been one to take handouts and has earned his way into a very prominant photography career, working for all sorts of major publishers around the world. Yet now that he is dating Tiffany Rose, and he knows Tiffany is also the magical God of Fate, can he resist benefiting from her powers?

Thousands of years ago in Egypt, Scarlett thought of herself as a god. Well now, she is one thanks to her new wife Nika Yin. Married to the God of Judgment, Scarlett lives on their private planet of Kyuka where she rules over a new breed of humans, including a new 'dual' gender she created for herself.

Somewhere in the world, there is a real Erica Milani. This isn't her. This is 'Erica', a magical clone of the real Erica Milani who Hannah Deangelo created to be her lover. Yet this Erica longs for Hannah to rule the world as God and do as she pleases, and that doesn't always sit well with her creator.

Once you have sex with God, there's really no going back from that. Having met Hannah during her junior year of college, Mia was transformed into an epic beauty who now literally prays for Hannah to return and make love to her. She's also getting fans of her own as an internet model.

It clearly pays to be God's best friend. Having befriended the weird Hannah Deangelo years ago, Sabrina is now getting her returns in the form of powers of her own. Able to fly, read minds, and use super-strength, this slutty snob joins Hannah on her wild adventures and loves it when Hannah fucks her with a magical cock.

This legendary pornstar has amased quite a lot of money after years and years of being one of the hottest blondes to do hardcore porno, but now she uses that money to praise Hannah Deangelo as God. She has started a cult called the Order of Angels and loves to throw giant sex parties with her equally horny friends.

Not everyone loves Hannah, and Kristi is on that list. Once the ultra-hot reality-television star everyone loved, Kristi lost the spotlight since Hannah splashed on the scene with her sexy new body. Little does Kristi know that Hannah literally copied Kristi's own body when she redesigned her own!

There was a time when Natalia and Hannah were in love, but that time has passed and Natalia is labeled as "God's Ex-Girlfriend". Still impossibly wealthy, exceptionally famous, and equipped with powers of her own, Natalia continually tells the tabloids that Hannah will come back to her and hopefully marry her. Denial much?

After catching the attention of the God of Beauty over a year ago, Jackie Torries has been given beauty, powers, and lies. Believing Rebecca is actually a sorceress and not a god, Jackie longs to learn magic and become immortal, so much so that she dropped out of college to do so! Has the lie gone too far?

Sophia is very much like Jackie as she has been fed the exact same lies that Rebecca Larson is a sorceress and not a god. Not only that, but Sophia is Jackie's mom! Yet the lies ended when Sophia met a real god in the form of Kelly White and she left her husband and daughter to become a demigod for Kelly.

What if your grandma became a sexy, magical, nine-foot-tall god? Well, that happened to Valerie as she is now a devoted demigod to Kelly White. Brainwashed by Kelly's great power and loving Kelly more than anyone, Valerie left her husband the instant Kelly told her to and has embraced a new life as a magical god.

Nina is one of the few Legendary Girls in the world, and she technically does not exist. Nina only exists when Hannah and Nika decide to merge into one body, their minds and memories mixed together to form a new personality. Nina is powerful, arrogant, wise, and often very naked. Do not upset her.

Rebecca Larson never had a fun, or even a 'good' childhood, which is why she created 'Becky'. Sometimes Becky is Rebecca when Rebecca decides to revert her body to that of a teengaer and play around, and sometimes Becky is her own being: a teenage clone Rebecca creates when she longs for some naughty fun with herself.

Meet Captain Handsome, a dashing Spaniard who the God of Love decided to keep. When Celeste found Raphael and was tasked with finding him love, she picked herself and became his magical girlfriend. Can Raphael handle dating a real god who is several years younger, has magical powers, and is far more immature? He's willing to try.

Little is known about Anna Devine, but you can read about her in her own full novel! Anna Devine was a wild, mysterious, and infintely wealthy young blonde who just wanted to be naked at all times. A legendary member of Plaything Magazine's history, this party-loving yet reclusive woman vanished just as quickly as she leapt onto the scene.

Tabitha became a victim of Rebecca Larson's beautification after high school, and now she can barely go outside without getting admired and asked on dates. Her super-religious parents try to keep her contained, but this shy girl wants to break free (and have hot, lesbian sex with her friend Rebecca The Witch).

What if you were asked to be a god, and you said no? Daisy is that girl, but not because she doesn't want to be. She is scared to be a god because she suffers from PTSD and agoraphobia after escaping an abusive marriage. Hannah gave Daisy godlike powers anyway, but she remains in the forest as a real fairy, a life she thoroughly enjoys.

Lisa's world was flipped on its head when she was seduced by Hannah Deangelo and given a godlike body. Yet unlike her roommate Mia Sato, Lisa isn't sure what to do now that she is super-hot. She kinda wants her old body back, but she also kinda likes some of the attention. She may want to pick a side.

Señora Ramos is left over from a fun afternoon between Celeste and Raphael. She is a super-busty maid/genie who was created to join their sex, but then never deleted. Still existing as a real person with powers of her own, Señora Ramos only wants to do whatever her masters ask of her, including (and hopefully) sex.

Confused, angry, and even more confused, Sonia hates her new step-father as well as her mom, and somehow thought the best way to get revenge was to have sex with her step-father's ex-wife, the crazy and beautiful Petra Voronina. Beautifed by Petra's magic bed, Sonia was rescued by the God of Fate Kwame and now lives with him in Africa. Now what, girl?

Hot in high school, hotter now, Vikki was a former classmate of Hannah Deangelo who hid a secret from her fellow cheerleaders: she is a lesbian. Longing for sex and fun, Vikki's life was flipped when she was beautified even further by Nina. Vikki leapt headfirst into the porn industry and has never looked back.

Dr. Nora Carson is that sexy teacher who is perfectly okay with having sex with her own students, but that's also because the school she works at allows such things. Teaching at the Church of Hannah University, Nora has her pick of the hottest boys and girls the world has to offer, and she takes full advantage.

Who, or what, is Jade? Why is she on the moon? How can she just 'walk' around in outer space naked? There's a lot of things about Jade, and she'd rather keep the people of Earth in the dark about them, including what she is even doing there. If you want to know more, you'll just have to click and see.

This ultra-wealthy man has decided to use his money and see if he can buy immortality. Founder of the Church of Hannah, Marcus seeks to impress Hannah by offering her other boys and girls of the utmost beauty and sexual skill. But is that what Hannah wants? Is Marcus working for Hannah, or himself?