Nothing could have ever prepared young, 18 year-old for that night. The entire day at school had been a wreck: teased by Max Gleeson at lunch; embarrassed by Mrs. Fletcher in math class, and then finally turned down by his crush Amy as she refused to go to prom with him. He had no idea that this day which had been full of disappointment after disappointment would actually be the greatest day of his life. This was because as came home from school and ran upstairs to be alone with his gained depression, he found heaven waiting for him in his bedroom in the form of the most beautiful, most ravishing, and most voluptuous he had ever seen in his life, a simply astonishing . With smooth, butterscotch skin, , hair, and a body unlike any he had ever seen at school, had no idea who this girl was or how she had snuck into his bedroom, confused beyond belief and worried that his mom might come upstairs and see this naked draped across his bed. Porn magazines he had stolen from his dad, internet porn he had rummaged through on the internet, and even late night fantasizing about Amy could not have held a candle to the impossible sight which was stretched out across his bed draped in a sheer, loose, robe, flowing sleeves, diamond necklaces, and nothing more.

Hi . I’m .
” The completely naked, in robe said as she rested on her side atop ’s teenage bed, smiling a soft smile and caring very little that her robe left wide open. Unashamed of her figure, and with her , this 's robe was left open so could see her gigantic, round, rich, brown breasts stacked above her tight, firm abs, her shaved pussy resting bare and free between her firm, bare thighs, and her fantastic figure in all its glory. And yet this mysterious , a phenomenal , did not seem to mind at all. It was as if she wanted to enjoy the view of her naked body, proud of her perfect figure, her huge breasts, and her fantastic curves.

“Will you fuck me, ?” The naked in the robe named continued as she played with her , hair, giving a moment to soak up her flawless body resting on his teenage bed. "I can see you have quite a big dick in your pants. I would like to try it."

"I ... I haven't." The virginal boy stammered, awestruck by the sensationally sexy who had somehow invaded his bedroom.

This extremely busty yet also impossibly fit named calmly rested naked on his bed in her sheer, robe, waiting for a moment while her giant, round, rich, brown breasts bounced softly above her tight abs
as she calmly twirled her , hair, almost unaware of the fact that she was simply flawless from her hair to her bare toes. Then with a calm toss of her hand, the naked somehow caused the door behind to not only close without anyone even touching it, but lock as well, leaving to watch as the lock closed tightly behind him, leaving him standing in the bedroom with the naked in . Yet as the nervous teenager spun around to the bed, the named was no longer there, leaving him to spin all around in search of where she had gone. Much to his continued amazement, turned back to the locked door and watched as the naked in the robe simply appeared out of thin air leaning back against the closed door. As if by magic, the simply materialized before 's eyes
, fading in from nothingness with her fingernail in her mouth and a smile on her face. Still naked in her long, flowing robe, and somehow unconcerned about having somehow teleported from the bed to the door, just eased her naked body off of the door and began to walk towards the dumbfounded , inching her bare feet slowly across the carpet as her diamonds sparkled around her neck.

"Amy has no idea what’s in your pants." said with a big smile. “But I do, and I want it.”

Naked and proud, the magical named looked to 's pants and suddenly felt his belt unlatch without fingers upon it. As if invisible hands were obeying 's lust, felt his belt unravel and his zipper unzip while the naked stood calmly and waited. No hands touched him while this spectacular in tossed her , hair from her eyes, letting her magical aura warm his body and her nudity harden his cock. Soon, the teenager’s shorts fell to his ankles on their own, causing the to lick her lips at the sight of his fantastic, young, seven-inch-long, teenage cock, an exceptionally impressive dick that had never been used, and still had room to grow as it hung between 's thighs. Happy with their privacy, the in calmly eased down to her knees as she stood before the well-hung teenage boy, lowering down and quickly easing her hand along his shaft. Nervous beyond all reason, watched as the named started to jerk his dick slowly, looking down at the naked who was now on her knees and playing with his dick. Soon hard as a rock and reaching eight inches in length, was taken to heaven as opened her mouth calmly and took his dick up between her lips, wrapping her tongue around him as she happily rested on the floor in nothing more than her robe.

"Mmmm yes." moaned as she popped 's dick from her lips for a moment. "That's what I need." The in the robe added before diving back down for more of amazing cock, her oversized breasts now bouncing
as she bobbed up and down on now wet cock.

was useless against this wonderful , a who seemed to posses not only infinite beauty, but amazing and inexplicable magical powers . Feeling weak as he remained in both this 's mouth and in her hands, the teenage virgin fell back against his bed and bounced atop the mattress, falling to his butt while the beautiful named kept his shaft in her hand and his shaft in her mouth. followed to his bed as she jerked his cock, her huge breasts bouncing and her bare ass peeking back through her sheer, robe as she fought to keep 's dick between her lips. Clearly this wanted 's cock more than he wanted her to have it, and yet he was not about to object to her talents as she began to search for his salty cum. As began to roll one of her breasts in her hands and moan into 's dick, she jerked him harder and faster, causing the poor boy with the exceptionally large dick to fall back against his own bed sheets in endless bliss. He had never kissed a girl in his life, and now he had the most beautiful he had ever seen in his bedroom and sucking his dick. Eager for cum, popped off of 's dick as she jerked him faster, tossing . She just smiled up at the boy who rested on his back, know it would not be long until he exploded. It made her laugh, smile, and then literally leap into action.

With a quickly leap, the magical named calmly opened her arms and moved up into the air, not standing or jumping but quite literally rising up above the ground as her bare feet moved up from the carpet. Stuck on his back with his dick sticking up like a flagpole, watched in continued amazement as floated up into the air above him, her naked body still quite exposed as her long, robe draped loosely over her shoulders. With her , showed even more of her odd, yet profound magical powers, showing the young boy that, in addition to her ability to teleport and use telekinetic powers, this naked could also fly.

"You ... you can fly?" asked, dumbfounded by this 's magical powers.

"Of course I can fly." The said quite bluntly, floating calmly over three feet above the ground with her robe hanging from her naked body. "Pretty cool, hu?
" The in added, acting quite pleased with her magical ability to fly while glaring down at 's cock and smiling at her discovery. "Now how about you stick that giant cock up inside me and fill me with your cum?" asked as she began to slip her long, robe from her shoulders, letting watch as she dropped it down from her arms, from her naked body, and finally down to the floor as gravity took hold of it.

Now completely naked except for her sparkling diamonds
, floated back down to 's bed and opened her thighs over his hard cock. Able to levitate with ease, the magical named lowered her knees softly down on the mattress on either side of the teenage boy, landing elegantly beside him as if she had been flying for years. She let 's cock slip up behind her, gliding along her bare ass-cheeks while her diamond necklaces sparkled in 's eyes. Her giant, round, rich, brown breasts swayed back and forth while she rubbed her ass back against 's cock, smiling down at him as she straddled him atop his teenage bed. On all fours above , calmly took hold of 's cock with her telekinetic powers, stroking him with her mind ever so softly while easing his tip up towards her soaking wet pussy. With her , the magical tossed her , hair back and moaned softly as she felt 's tip tease her pussy, using her wetness as a way of begging to help himself and climb inside her under his own might.

"Ooooo that's right." moaned loudly as she lowered herself down on 's cock, feeling the young, hung stud push his dick up between her thighs and slip up into her pussy. "Yes, . That's it!" She moaned as her bare ass fell down against 's bare thighs, arching her back and pressing her giant, rich, brown breasts into 's face, their bodies meeting as stuffed all eight inches of his teenage cock up into the magical .

was worried that his mom might hear 's moans as she started to slowly ease herself up and down on his dick, yet at the same time, 's brain in his head was no longer doing the thinking. With 's gigantic breasts now bouncing up and down in front of his face, the teenage virgin quickly became addicted to the 's glorious, soaking wet pussy, grabbing this magical by her ass and driving himself up into her. The magical tossed her , hair back behind her as she arched her back, her hands flying up over her huge, rich, brown breasts while she began to bounce faster and faster atop 's dick. With her diamonds bouncing above her giant, round, firm breasts
and with her , rode 's dick like a champ, bouncing faster as he thrust his gift up into her womb while simultaneously pulling her back against his thighs. Stuck on his back with the magical who had somehow snuck into his bedroom, ignored logic and reason and instead plowed 's pussy hard, fucking her as if he had been fucking her for ages.

"Yes, ! Yes!" screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear as she bounced atop the teenage stud. "I want it! I want you to fill me with your hot cum."

Clearly overcome by his instincts, lost himself to the wetness around his dick, slamming his cock up into the mysterious while gripping her ass and pulling her down on his dick. He no longer cared if he was caught fucking this insanely beautiful , instead focusing on driving his dick up into the wet pussy he was simply addicted to. Watching 's large, round, rich, brown breasts bounce wildly up and down as she tossed her hands up in her , hair, all could do was let his dick override his brain and drill this goddess with all of his might, feeling the sweat upon her bare ass while their bodies shook his twin-sized bed. Over and over, the teenager found himself ramming his dick up into the mysterious, magical named , a magical who had clearly used her magical powers to sneak into his house just to use his cock. Lost in the sight of her naked body above him, the poor teenager with the 8-inch gift in his pants could not stop his actions, his moans, or his thrusts up between 's thighs, nor did he want to.

"Oh shit! Yes!
” The screamed, suddenly falling down to the boy's chest and burying him with her , hair. "Oh god. Fuck me. Fuck me, ." She continued as she started to leave kisses all over his neck and collar.

Overwhelmed by the cock that was driving up inside her, the magical collapsed down onto 's chest, her thighs opened wide for his dick to continue to drive up inside her. With 's massive breasts now pressed down against his body, disappeared into 's , hair, unable to see anything yet feel her wetness enveloping his rock-hard cock. The magical took every inch of inside her, her entire body nearly being pushed up into the air by his furious thrusts. The young boy grit his teeth and latched into 's tight curves, pulling her down against his cock and filling her up as much as he could. The goddess moaned loudly into 's ear as he continued to pound her as hard as he could, thoroughly impressed by his passions for she knew this 18 year-old boy had never fucked before. The virgin drilled the magical with such passion and lust that his small bed squeaked under his sweaty body, losing himself and feeling his own orgasm rising. did indeed love this boy’s cock, yet could not wait for his cum, bouncing frantically atop his body and letting him do whatever he wanted to her. With his face flushed and his cock out of control, gave this what she wanted as his cum exploded up inside her with an unrelenting force. The boy let his cum burst forth and fill her womb, exciting her senses and forcing her to shove down harder against his hose.

“Oh shit!” The screamed in joy as she felt her womb fill with his hot sperm. “Fuck yes!” She added, tossing her , hair back as she pressed down against his chest.

The magical, mesmerizing, and gloriously sweaty was instantly full of cum, so full in fact that 's juices flowed from her lips as she arched her back and moaned towards the ceiling. The horny pressed hard down against the boy below her, but he was far too inexperienced to handle her magical pussy as he continued to watch the giant breasts of the sway slowly up above him. Furiously spent, the boy’s cock was soon pushed out from pussy as she continued to ease down against him, begging for more of his hot cum which was already escaping from her lips. Realizing the boy sadly had very little stamina, yet quite thankful for his sex and his cum, the enchanted fell upon the boy below her, resting her heavy breaths upon his ears and her heavy breasts upon his chest. Together up in 's teenage bedroom, the magical named and the once virginal teenage boy with a cock far bigger than anyone knew about shared their exhaustion, thankful for what the other had done. Yet up in the bedroom far from 's mother, knew she could not stay, well aware of the fact this curious teenager might begin asking her about the secrets of her magical powers.

“You’ve got a great cock.” The sweaty goddess sighed as she pushed down on 's chest, giving her , hair a toss as she remained straddling the hung stud.

simply remained stuck on his back as he looked up at the naked with the flawless figure and oversized breasts, soaking up the sight of her naked body as she remained on top of him. As remained stuck on his back with the naked above him, he watched as her long, sheer, robe simply reappeared over her sweaty, heavyily-tanned skin. This elegant robe simply materialized on the naked 's body as she remained on top of him, making no effort to use her magical powers to simply place her favorite outfit back upon her body. Wearing the right amount of clothes for a of her beauty and power, the magical calmly looked back down into 's eyes, smiling her white smile as her , hair flowed down over her beautiful face.

"I’m gonna tell my friends about you.
" The magical named smiled.

Then with a soft wave goodbye, she was simply gone.

By use of her amazing yet mysterious magic, this fantastic simply faded away as she rested atop the teenage boy, her flawless nudity, her majestic robe, and her gorgeous smile all calmly and slowly disappeared from sight
. had no explanation for her magical disappearance, nor did he have any explaination as to who this , how she found him, how she snuck into his bedroom, and how she was able to use such mind-blowing magic. Exhausted, confused, and sexually spent, the teenage boy just let his head fall back onto his own pillows. Staring at the ceiling, would pass out thinking of her beauty and her body, trying to fathom what just happened while also wondering if he would see her, or any of her so-called friends, again.